Feeling a little over weight? There are all kinds of answers—change your eating, work out more, wear lighter clothes and shoes. Teva has your answer: Mush Flyweights, which are closed-toe versions of their popular Mush flip-flops.

Clever marketing ploys aside about weight loss and giving you that flip-flop feeling year round in a closed-toe shoe—these are some seriously comfortable shoes. You stand on a pillow EVA insole as it cushions your every step and molds inexorably to your foot, like walking on world paved in marshmallows.

The canvas-like upper is collapsible, so you can crumple them up in your luggage…or fold down the heel to simply slip them on as easily as your favorite pair of  lippers. Talk about convenient! These may be the ultimate travel shoe.

They’re incredibly light, like Teva forgot a few things—like a traditional sole. The T.I.D.E. GRIP sole takes some getting used to and reminds me of shoes my two-year old daughter had…when she wasn’t expected to put too much mileage on them. On carpet, I don’t see this being a problem. Tile or hardwood…that’s a different story.

The real question I have is about longevity, so stay tuned for an update on these buttery-smooth, comfortable throwbacks to a more optimistic age of the Good Ship Lollipop and cotton candy clouds. If you want Mush flip-flop comfort in a closed toe shoe (hello, that you can wear to work) that’s perfect for packing on a hike for camp or travel, I’d seriously consider these oh-so-comfortable offerings from Teva.

Teva’s Mush Flyweights retail for $45-50 on their website.