I don’t typically wonder how “green” my gear is—but Teko would ask that you not only think about it but buy accordingly. Not just that, they’d say you don’t have to sacrifice a thing to get amazing socks manufactured with the least environmental impact possible.

This quote from Teko’s website pretty much sums up their philosophy: “We approach sustainability as a balancing act. It’s not possible to produce a product without using energy and natural resources, so it’s our job to minimize our footprint at every stage.” This corporate responsibility is so often sadly lacking, but Teko takes great pride in not only being environmentally conscious but also made in the USA.

Yes, yes you say, but how are the socks? In a word, wonderful! We had the chance to check out their Light Hiking, which is great for warmer weather and lighter loads, and their Midweight Hiking, which give a little more warmth, thickness, and cushioning. Like the best socks, they are seamless and have various specialized areas—Strike-Zone cushioning, Tek-fit comfort-stretch zones, arch brace/band and articulated heel, and even tekoPoly and tekoMerino areas for durability and wicking.

While the manufacturing is in the US, the wool comes from Argentina, where the sheep kayak white water Patagonian rivers. Not really—but they are raised “organically” with no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizer on the grass they eat. They’re also not subjected to hormone injections or chemical drenches—in short, they treat their sheepies nicely so you can feel good that your socks are good for the earth we share.

They’re slightly less good for the wallet at $15-20 on their website depending on weight and size, but that’s in line with the high end Merino wool sock industry. As I’ve said before, with products like this, you’re not out to revamp your entire sock drawer—you just need enough for your next hike. It’s also easier to stomach a premium price when you know that your socks are, in Teko’s words, the best socks on the planet and the best socks for the planet. If you want to get some of the best socks around and feel good and green about your purchase, I heartily suggest Teko.