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Lion Gear Hoodie

Okay, we’ve got a TON of articles on the greatest wicking and vaporizing technologies for the removal of moisture that our bodies release that also

April 25, 2011 Articles, Reviews

First Look: Revo Rotate

Well, Revo wanted to throw down in the Sunglasses showdown that Josh and I are brewing up. So I am the lucky one that got

April 04, 2011 Articles, Reviews, Staff Picks

ECCO Performance Tahoe

So I got to spend the day hiking up on Turkey Mountain again. The great thing about this place is the diverse range of trails

April 03, 2011 Reviews

First Look: Salomon Fast III Jacket

On cold morning starts to some of rides, it helps to have a nice layer to cut the wind down and keep some of your

April 03, 2011 Articles, Reviews, Staff Picks

First Look: Revo Calibrate

So in testing out some SA-WEET shades by Revo, I wanted to try them out in difference environments. In looking over the Revo Calibrate model,

April 03, 2011 Articles, Reviews, Staff Picks

First Look: KEEN A86 TR

Holy Mother Of Goodness Gracious. That’s about all I have to say about that. Okay, maybe some more… I am really digging the A86 TR

February 25, 2011 Reviews, Staff Picks

First Look: First Ascent Sandstone Soft Shell Jacket

Well, Eddie Bauer’s First Ascent line is not only top tier in terms quality, I have to admit that I am smitten with the First

February 25, 2011 Articles, Reviews, Staff Picks

Kick It Up – Go Trail Running

As a runner, there are many different forms of workouts available to improve strength and time.  Fartleks, intervals, hills, and track workouts are all great

April 08, 2010 Activities, Getting Started!
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