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First Look: First Ascent Sirocco

“When I’m looking to keep my pack light, I turn to the Sirocco as it is extremely packable, lightweight and performs exactly as it was

April 03, 2011 Articles
PatagoniaNanoPuffVest 0

First Look: Patagonia Nano Puff Vest

Back a couple weeks, Oklahoma had some record breaking winter calamity. We saw the coldest temperature in Oklahoma history (-31) with record breaking snowfall in

February 25, 2011 Articles, Reviews, Staff Picks

First Look: Patagonia Lightweight Climb Shorts

Ah, spring. The weather has turned, and we finally had the chance to get our thoughts together on Patagonia’s Lightweight Climb Shorts.  Made of organic

February 15, 2011 Articles, Reviews

Getting Started: Intro to Climbing Part Deux

So you got the shoes, you got the chalk bag, and you got the climbing gym membership. Now you are asking yourself “What’s next? I

When Climbing Mt. Rushmore…Be Prepared

Vacationing with the future in-laws in beautiful South Dakota in a Jimmy full of climbing gear and aspirations of climbing Mount Rushmore—amazing. Visiting my fiancé’s

August 02, 2010 Articles

Getting Started: Rock Climbing

Recently, as you may have read, I took my buddy Josh out to rock climb for the first time. I have been climbing for almost

Rock Climbing at Horseshoe

Forty-five feet doesn’t seem like much on the ground. It’s the distance from one shop to the other in the mall, a blink of an

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