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FootBalance QuickFit Insoles

The right insoles are incredibly important. They can even make or break shoes. We had the chance to check out FootBalance’s QuickFit Blues all-around inserts, which are

July 08, 2014 Articles
ACTIVEPRO_high 0 CurrexSole ActivePro Insoles Overall Score

CurrexSole ActivePro Insoles

CrossFit is my absolute passion! It’s hard, brutal even, but addictive. So anything that I can find that makes it any easier or better is

July 07, 2014 Articles, Reviews
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Brooks-Range Tension 30 Tent

Three pounds, 30 square feet. That’s what you get in Brooks-Range’s amazing Tension 30. We had the chance to spend a spring in it, and

June 07, 2014 Articles, Reviews, Staff Picks
addiasshirt 0 Adidas Outdoors Terrex Swift Drydye Tee Overall Score

Adidas Outdoors Terrex Swift Drydye Tee

We’ve all seen performance tees, and the wicking technology has made many of them amazing examples of high-tech fabrics. Ideally this makes for more comfortable

May 27, 2014 Articles
icebreaker 0 Icebreaker Departure Overall Score

Icebreaker Departure

If you read many Benosh reviews, you’ve probably heard me expound on the virtues of long sleeve shirts for hiking and camping, etc. I’m a

May 27, 2014 Reviews, Staff Picks
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Aquapac Toccoa Daypack 28L

Need to keep your gear dry, no matter what? You may need to check out Aquapac’s Tocca Daypack. Coming in a nice 28L size that’s

May 27, 2014 Reviews
M_ShorelineLS_Swatch1_BlueJayMulti 0 Mountain Khakis Shoreline Overall Score

Mountain Khakis Shoreline

This spring, Mountain Khakis headed down from the heights and hit the beach. We had a chance to check out their Shoreline long sleeve shirt,

May 27, 2014 Reviews, Staff Picks
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Platypus Gravityworks

It’s simple: you need clean water. You’ve got to have it. The little germs living in our water would just love to take up residence

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Balega Blister Resist Socks

Blisters–no one wants them, particularly when running. We’ve tried a bunch of different technologies to deal with this persistent trouble. So, since we’ve tried all

May 27, 2014 Articles, Reviews, Staff Picks
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Falke RU Stabilizing & Running Socks

Compression is all the rage. Compression tops, compression sleeves, compression socks. Falke has your compression ankle socks right here, ready to stabilize your ankles with proprioception,

May 27, 2014 Reviews
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