Weird… I recently discovered that my knees were 50 years old.  That’s weird since I’m still 29.

Despite my denial, I wanted to give those knees a belated birthday present. When I heard about Newton Running and their Action/ReactionTM technology, which they say “reduces impact, returns energy, and propels you forward so you can run faster, farther, forever” my knees and I were interested.

Since mountain trails are my favorite surface, I tried the Terra Momentus model.  To say these are bright green is an understatement.  I think I could run at night without a headlamp!  But I’ve had two people ask me about these shoes, so Newton’s evil marketing plan is working.

The premise of their design is to facilitate a barefoot running stride, as demonstrated by this cool exercise:  Take your shoes off and run.

Do it.  Just run down the hall. We’ll wait…

Did you notice that your heels didn’t clobber the ground like they do with marshmallow-padded running shoes we’re all used to?  It’s that knee-jolting that Newton is trying to reduce.

I’m sure there are dozens of patented and nifty features that make these shoes great. (Newton’s web site has tons of info and cool videos) But the most noticeable difference is the extra-thick lugs on the sole at the ball of the foot. The other unusual item is the card that you’ll find in the box.  It has ten points on how to run with these shoes.

This had me a bit concerned, since I’ve been running for almost 29 years.  (Or more if you ask my knees.)

But the point is to un-learn the impact-heavy parts of your running stride, and I’m all about improving efficiency at 9000 feet above sea level.

After a couple of weeks in these shoes, I can say that the Newton folks are on to something.  I actually do feel a new flow to my stride. When you walk in these, the shape of the sole feels a little funny, but running feels great.

My one criticism is that, since these are trail-runners, the heel-cup could be a little more snug.

Bottom line: I’ve been running in these for long enough to be a fan even at their $150 price of entry. And I’m trying to get enough dirt on them to tone down the glow!


Mike Loomis lives in Winter Park, Colorado with his solar-powered wife, Chris, and their pet moose, Marvin. They get outside every day, and they love it… almost every day.  Great gear helps.