At Benosh, we love to consult with those who use products like you will. Northern California entrepreneur Debbie Brodie is one such person. Take a look at her thoughts on Marmot’s Athena, the women’s version of the Stretch Man, which Marmot sells for $260 on their site.

I acquired my Marmot Athena Jacket about six months ago, and am surprised that it has quickly become my go-to jacket. Mine is the dark fern color, with the bright grass accents.

As a business owner, I am frequently traveling to other cities, and need to be prepared for changes in the weather. My Athena jacket is so light, it rolls right up into the bottom of my backpack. When I get off the plane, I am ready for anything. Wind, rain, even snow. I love the built-in brim in the hood. When it is windy, I can cinch up the jacket nice and tight with the elastic draw cords in the hood and waist. The velcro cuffs make it easy to seal up the sleeves, and then loosen them up later.

I might also mention that the fabric is very comfortable, cool and flexible, which is great for grabbing my luggage from the upper bin without tearing a seam. The jacket doesn’t even ride up, due to it’s angel-wing movement design.

The multiple pockets are all zippered and waterproof, so I can easily stash my cell phone. There is also room for my nook tablet, and of course, my sunglasses and a water bottle.

When staying in a hotel, I like to get up early and take a nice long walk. With my Athena jacket, the weather won’t stop me from getting the much-needed exercise before a long day of meetings. If it is really cold, just adding a sweat shirt underneath does the trick.

While many of you use your jacket just for backpacking and sports, I find it makes a flexible every-day jacket as well. At 53 years of age, I don’t need major excursion to break into a sweat. I love the zipper vents under the arms during a hot flash!

Spring is here, and I am out walking the dog every day, feeling sporty, warm and ready for anything. Bring on the rain!