I have had the chance to check out many socks with Benosh. Names like Patagonia, Smartwool, Icebreaker, and Columbia might come up in any discussion of premium hiking socks, but only recently would I have added footwear maker Keen to that list.

I have one pair of Keen’s right/left fitted socks, and they are among my favorites. Their Merino wool is soft and breathable, and they’ve held up well. But I recently had the chance to check out Keen’s newest Boulder Canyon Hiking crews and Multisport quarter length socks.

And they may just be king of the sock world—or should I say Keen of the Sock World?

Since there is only so much you can say about socks, I’ll focus on what makes these different. The first is Keen Wunderseam, which holds everything together. But if Keen did their job right in “redesigning the sock,” as they claim, you may never know it’s there. I don’t—princess and the pea I am not. Keen’s socks are also asymmetrical, aka fitted for your right and left feet (unless you need two lefts, which I do—explaining my inability to dance).

Put these together and these are bar none some of the best fitting, most comfortable socks I’ve ever tested. I positively love them. I also like the strategic cushioning, particularly on the Hiking socks, and appreciate the ventilation the top panel provides.

Keen’s high-end natural Merino wool Boulder Canyon Multisport Ultralight and Hiking Crew Mid are $15.95 and $16.96 respectively, which is a good bit for socks. However, if you’re like me, a couple of pairs can go a long way—no need to outfit the entire sock drawer. The Merino wool means natural anti-microbial action, so go ahead and wear them again. Be Keen for another day.