Socks have come a long way lately, and you have to go no further than the hiking and backpacking footwear section of a sporting goods store to see there’s a world of difference between the traditional yellow-towed tube socks of your childhood and the high-tech hiking and backpacking socks you’ll find today. But if you’re going to walk, hike, or run this summer, you’ll need the right footgear under your shoes as surely as you’ll need proper shoes.

Many of the best manufactures use two layers to help prevent blisters and injury—one layer helping absorb friction, the other helping to wick away moisture. One of the leaders in the sock revolution is Smartwool®, whose new PhD socks use their WOW (Wool on Wool) TechnologyTM on the high impact, high friction zones of your heel and forefoot to add an extra layer of protection.

I first came into contact with Smartwool® in their native setting of Colorado ski country, but fifteen years in business have seen them spread; there’s now a brilliant sock for your every need. The benefits of their SmartWool fiber will have a direct impact on your every activity.

  • WOW TechnologyTM means more padding where you need it most
  • 4-Degree Fit System ensures they stay comfortable—and where they’re supposed to be.
  • SmartWool fiber is inherently temperature and moisture regulating, preventing bacterial build up and stinky feet.

Whatever your chosen sport or outdoor activity, you owe it to your feet to consider socks that are up to the challenge and make full use of advances in technology. Starting with their PhD Running Light Micro at $13.95, Smartwool® makes a sock for what you’re into. Find great socks for the summer at or at local retailers such as Sun & Ski Sports.