Last year we had the chance to check out some of Gerber’s Bear Grylls line, including the heavy duty Clip Folder, which was responsible for major blood letting and stitches for Ben. So this year when they offered us another substantial folder, I was on hazard duty.

The Venture is a very good-looking knife with a premium feel that’s both substantial and yet light due to the polished titanium handle. A 3.5” serrated blade with a tanto point means business, and the Assisted Opening 2.0 helps you access the blade quickly and easily with a flick of the thumb on smooth ball bearings.

That flick, I found out, is a little problematic. My thumb slipped off the opening stud easily, and that serrated portion gave the Ventrue a blood offering within the first few days we had it to test (no stitches required, but respect is). Folders like this are perhaps my favorite type of knife because of their flexibility, and I own quite a few—never cut myself on one before. I haven’t had the same experience since that early point in testing, but I respect the potential now.

The narrow titanium handle feels good in your hand and fits well in a pocket, and for a light weight, assisted knife, I’m very impressed with how solid the Venture is. It tackled any task I put it to without a complaint, flex, or any sign of play between blade and handle. I love the thumb plunge to retract the blade—very slick. The pocket clip is super tight and secure—I liked how tightly it secured the knife in my pocket.

The tanto point is a personal preference thing—I prefer drop points myself, but tantos have their place for heavy work and tactical purposes especially. The tip isn’t likely to break on this thing during something challenging, that’s for sure.

At $74 on their website, Gerber’s Venture is a well-made knife with some very premium features at a less-than-premium price compared to other company’s high end folders. I’d say check it out if you like tanto points, light weight, and a full-sized folder’s feel and features.