Well, Revo wanted to throw down in the Sunglasses showdown that Josh and I are brewing up. So I am the lucky one that got to review them. Yes, I was stoked and yes, I am all about them.

The first of my reviews are of the Revo Rotate.I decided the testing ground for these bad boys was taking a long ride with my cycling team. Twenty-six miles, and they held up like you should expect. No fogging, great clarity and kept the wind on my eyes to a minimum, even at 21-mph speeds.

The lightweight and exceptionally strong Serilium™ lenses are one of the only materials capable of withstanding high-velocity impact from objects like flying gravel, making it the perfect choice for any adventure-minded individual. Anti-reflective coating eliminates the light that is reflected off the inside of the lens from the surrounding environment. High Contrast Polarization™ achieves a premium level of clarity and contrast by not blocking glare but by optimizing vision and the color spectrum delivered to the eyes.

Element Shed™ is both Oleophobic (repels oils such as those from finger smudges or lotion) and hydrophobic (repels water from sweat, rain, or fog) ensuring the lens stays clean. Lab tests show that Revo’s Element Shed lens coating stays on for the life of the product, whereas competitor coatings wipe off after 25 lens cleanings.

Motion Fit™ balances the pressure points and stays in place during sport activities, delivering optical clarity from any angle, reduced eyestrain, and a very comfortable fit. The straight stem design is ideal for helmet wearers. Ultralight Bio-Titanium frame reduces weight and increases flexibility for maximum comfort, resulting in a frame that will bend, not break, while providing maximum comfort. Adjustable nose pads are made of a soft, form-fitting material. Comfortable stem socks create a secure fit that increases grip when active.

The Revo Rotate is a high end pair of sunglasses that do live up to expectations. The going price tag is $249, and you can purchase them at a local retailer that carries them. You can find the closest one near you from the Revo website. Get em and enjoy!