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Nikwax Glove Proof

We love Nikwax because they breathe new life into gear that you’ve invested a lot of money in. It might seem simple, but gloves that

August 27, 2012 Reviews, Staff Picks
DiabloBolle 0

Bolle Diablo

We had the chance to check out some really vibrant Shiny Blue/Photo Rose Gun sunglasses from Bolle, their Diablo style, this summer. Replete with wire

August 16, 2012 Articles, Reviews
primusomnilight 0

Primus OmniLite Ti

This is the story of the little stove that could—and by little, I mean the smallest, lightest stove in Primus’ lineup. At a svelte 12

August 14, 2012 Reviews, Staff Picks
adidasadipuretrainer 0

Adidas Adipure Trainer

My time at CrossFit Bellator has been an amazing journey.  My level of fitness has skyrocketed with the combination of workouts they have thrown at me

August 14, 2012 Reviews
eccoportlandexplorer 0

ECCO Portland Urban Explorer

Casual explorers for your urban adventures, the ECCO Portlands are not stone-cold hikers or trail runners disguised for business casual day at the office. They

August 14, 2012 Reviews
gregoryfury32 0

Gregory Packs Fury 32

Moving fast and need a pack that can keep up with you? Gregory’s Fury is ready for the challenge. I loved the light weight and

August 14, 2012 Articles, Reviews, Staff Picks
gregorydiablo6 0

Gregory Diablo 6 – Cute Little Devil

If you just need a little more storage than your pockets, plus some liquid, my son and I have the perfect pack for you—Gregory’s Diablo

August 14, 2012 Reviews
gigerrig 0

Geigerrig’s Baby RIG

Geigerrig is shaking things up in the industry and winning awards for their innovation on a technology that had sat still for too long. We

August 14, 2012 Articles, Reviews
sogaegismini 0

SOG Aegis Mini

We’ve had the chance to check out a number of products from specialty knife and tool maker SOG, and we’ve liked every knife and tool

August 14, 2012 Reviews, Staff Picks
M_Maliko_DksDpr 0

OluKai Maliko

This summer we wanted to check out as many minimalist shoes as we could, and companies like New Balance, VIVOBAREFOOT, and OluKai happily obliged. Wait—OluKai,

July 31, 2012 Articles, Reviews, Staff Picks
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