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Cebe S Sential

Back in 1892, some French guys in the cradle of French glasses creation—did you know there was such a thing?—started making sports glasses for climbers

September 17, 2012 GREAT VALUE, Reviews, Staff Picks
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Cebe Eyemax & Wilds

We recently had the chance to check out Cebe’s S. Sential, and we learned about the brand’s French alpine history and craftsmanship. We also had

September 17, 2012 GREAT VALUE, Reviews, Staff Picks
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Maui Jim Mala & Kapalua

Maui Jim has been with us from the beginning, and we have a soft spot for these high-end sunglasses and their island home—they’ve consistently been

September 17, 2012 Reviews, Staff Picks
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Cambelbak 2012 Charge LR

The bright blue Camelbak Charge LR is just a great ultra-lite pack—love it. What makes it so amazing? The reservoir is a lumbar design, so

September 17, 2012 Articles, Reviews, Staff Picks
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Julbo Dolphins

OK, we are ready to get wet. Julbo’s Dolphins showed up, and I’m polarized, hard to miss with the yellow arms strapped to my face,

August 27, 2012 Reviews
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Miir Bottles

I’ll just give it to you fast and hard: the Miir 500ml Insulated is pretty damn awesome. Next review. Oh, you want more? Do you

August 27, 2012 Reviews, Staff Picks
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Blundstone 260

Does Benosh do casual? We do active, and we do travel, and the Blundstone 260 is definitely casual travel. Smooth sailing in style. If you

August 27, 2012 Reviews
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Mountain Hardwear Way2Cool Tee

It was hot this summer. Brutally searing hot, like scorched earth, drought-inducing, go to the ER with heat stroke hot. If you want to get

August 27, 2012 Reviews, Staff Picks
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Nikwax Glove Proof

We love Nikwax because they breathe new life into gear that you’ve invested a lot of money in. It might seem simple, but gloves that

August 27, 2012 Reviews, Staff Picks
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Bolle Diablo

We had the chance to check out some really vibrant Shiny Blue/Photo Rose Gun sunglasses from Bolle, their Diablo style, this summer. Replete with wire

August 16, 2012 Articles, Reviews
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