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SOG Repair

A few months ago we had the chance to check out some great products from SOG. In fact, we liked them so much that we

February 08, 2012 Articles, Did You Know?

LifeStraw—Profit for a Purpose

First off, let me just say I’m a realist—I trust big business…to do what’s best for them. If consumers benefit from it too, great. So

September 08, 2011 Articles, Did You Know?

Osprey Halo: Nice Lil’ Devil

Usually when you get a “free” item with a purchase–lets be honest here–it’s crap. At the very best it’s something great in concept, but lackluster

November 27, 2010 Articles, Did You Know?, Just Saw This!

Ask Dr. Guy–Allergies in the Field

Allergy season varies from region to region, but an allergic reaction can strike any time, anywhere. For severe, generalized, seasonal allergies, consider seeing and allergist—over

September 10, 2010 Articles, Did You Know?

Ask Dr. Guy—Heat Stroke & Heat Exhaustion

A lot of people ask me what the difference between is heat stroke and heat exhaustion, so since it’s July, let’s take a look at

July 22, 2010 Did You Know?, Expert Advice

Did You Know: Giro Helmet Replacement Pads

Recently I did a search of local bike shops as well as conducting a vast internet search to find replacement pads for a Giro bicycle

May 17, 2010 Did You Know?
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