For years I’ve been saying that the major hydration pack companies should also market flavor-changing tablets for their products to remove those last bits of plastic or other taste that just never seems to go away. And here we go!

CamelBak now has their Elixir, a tasty electrolyte tablet that dissolves in your water reservoir. Now, anyone who has ever tried Gatorade or another sports drink in your CamelBak knows that it leaves a nasty, sugary residue. Not so Elixir—it’s sugar-free and formulated to dissolve cleanly and rinse away.

Voila—no cleaning hassles. And your water now tastes like any of three nice flavors of berry, lemon-lime, and orange (more on this last in a moment).

Now, as with any sports drink, Elixir is best if you’re really pushing it and losing electrolytes. It’s mix of sodium, potassium, and magnesium are a great boost to a dehydrating system. However, at only 10 calories a tablet, you don’t face the problem of added sugars that combat your workout.

CamelBak sells Elixir in cool tubes of 12 for $10 on their website. That’s a very competitive price vs store-bought sports drinks, and the convenience of dropping it in your reservoir and going is quite nice. You might be able to save a little by using Gatorade mix…but I wouldn’t. Why add calories and make cleaning your CamelBak a pain?

Now we’d just like to try the caffeinated orange and put a zing in our step!